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Bar And Restaurant Equipments

Product Image (C2306)

Mini Kegs

How to setup this keg.Please click on userfiles/party set main daigram 20160209.jpg

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Stainless Steel Keg

Price: 5964 INR/Piece

Ergonomically designed handle for easy Comfortable handling. Best in class Spears. Precise girth weld ensures the highest degree of hygiene standards. TIG Welding Splatter Free Outstanding Seam Weld Quality Supports Polished Surface OPTIONS AVAILABLE:- Model: Link: C2203 20 Litre Stainless Steel Slim Keg - S System C2205 30 Litre Stainless Steel Fat Keg - S System C2397 50 Litre Stainless Steel Slim Beer Keg - S System - Stackable

Product Image (C2046)

Beer Cooling Machine

Price: 17205 INR/Piece

Krome Beer cooler is designed for professional cooling in large restaurants and catering facilities. Our Beer Cooler range of coolers maintains a leading position among professional coolers on the market due to the modern technology and performance.

Product Image (C562)

Table Top Dispenser

Price: 4384 INR/Piece

The Tower is filled from above via the removable lid with a dispense tap fitted at the perfect height for a pint for easy pouring. Leave it around and watch how fast the level goes down–everyone will want to have a go! * Portable, easy to fill and clean. * Durable and nearly unbreakable. * Removable lid makes it easy to refill * After inserting Ice Tube (filled with ice cubes)inside the beer tube ,the capacity of Dispenser will reduce to 2.5 Ltr. Cleaning instructions of the dispenser, click the link.

Product Image (C149)

Keg Beer Jockey Box

Price: 7758 INR/Piece

You can pour your draft beer anywhere..!! Anytime…!!, Just add some Ice in the Jockey box and the Co2 will effortlessly supply your best choice Chilled Beer.

Product Image (c257)

Bathroom Faucets

All 304 Grade SS contact with Beverage Superior Flow Control. Best for pouring stout dispense systems. Made of heavy duty metal with a Chrome Plated Finish. Standard threading compatible with most branded tap handles.

Product Image (c738)

Keg Couplers

Price: 1046 INR/Piece

D System Keg Coupler US Sanky · With pull lever style handle. · With PRV

Product Image (c359)

Stainless Steel Drip Trays

Price: 3641 INR/Piece

Rinser Water Inlet Installation Instructions Always check with local plumbing codes before Installation For Use with Regular or cold water supply only, Hot water is not recommended to use with rinser Install in-line water regulator set at 15 PSI from the public water supply, no more than 15 Psi Install an in-line one-way check valve on water supply this will prevent pressure drop which can cause leakage Install in-line shut-off for the rinser system from the water supply, this must be turned off if not in use for extended periods such as off days or night time!

Product Image (1380)

Draft Dispensing Towers

Price: 16815 INR/Piece

Made of High Quality Stainless Steel for Durability & Reliability 100% Stainless Steel Contact with Beer to Serve Better Tasting Modern Look with Copper Polished Finish Take your pouring to bold new heights Precision Flow Control Taps Included

Product Image (5613)

Keg Regulators

Price: 3214 INR/Piece

Forged brass and die cast for durability. Set screw pressure adjustment. Integral Pressure Relief Valve. Suitable for 1 Beverage